We do our best to welcome you in the best conditions by strictly following the regulations in force. Our goal is that we pass this difficult course together and that your stay takes place in a healthy environment so that you can fully enjoy it.

Hôtel les Chamois will process your cancellation requests according to the cancellation conditions. If you book a non-cancellable and non-refundable promotional rate, you will not be able to claim any refund from us under any circumstances.

Our normal cancellation policy:

  1. Up to 21 days before the date of arrival: no cancellation fees
  2. From 20 days to 14 days before the date of arrival: cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount of the reservation
  3. From 13 days before the date of arrival: cancellation fee of 100% of the total amount of the reservation




  • You must have a valid vaccination certificate of Covid-19 to Switzerland and for some leisure (bars and restaurants) If you want to cancel because of that: the normal cancellation conditions apply.
  • You (the client) cancel your stay because you are positiv onCOVID-19. You are subject to our normal cancellation policies.
  • You cancel for fear of being contaminated with COVID-19: Normal cancellation conditions apply.
  • You cancel because PCR test is obligatory arriving in Switzerland (even for vaccinated):  Normal cancellation conditions apply.
  • Cancellation of an event due to COVID-19 restrictions: normal cancellation conditions apply.
  • Verbier ski area closure due to government decision: Normal cancellation conditions apply. In case this decision is made under 15 days before your arrival the cancellations fees are 50 % on total amount. Then you ll receive for the same amount a credit note valid for 2 years.
  • You are leaving early due to COVID-19 (quarantine in your country): Normal cancellation conditions apply. Possibility of a credit note valid for 2 years for non-refunded nights
  • You cancel your stay due to confinement, a quarantine imposed when you arrive or on your return or border closures due to COVID-19. Full refund of your reservation if the cancellation occurs at least 1 day before the date of arrival and if this situation wasn’t already relevant the day of your booking.
  • We are closed or placed in quarantine by decision of the authorities and cannot accommodate you: Cancellations at no cost to the customer and return of the advances paid (no damages in your favor)


* Whatever situation we have to resolve, our goal is to find the best compromise for both parties. We will try the best we can to satisfy you.


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